In Praise of Vanda

Back when Gerald and Diana had the idea to take their hobby project of tie making and hand sewn pocket squares to the next level, I immediately jumped on them to get some of the first editions. I was floored back then at the quality, and meticulous attention to detail. 

Now, several months later, I received a new batch of goodies from Singapore at my door. Im even MORE impressed! The packaging is meticulous, the delivery was rapid, and the hand sewing and details on the ties are immaculate. 

This round of ties included 2 staples - a navy blue completely unlined grenadine garza fina, and its twin in rust. These are menswear essentials and some of the finest examples I have seen! If you may remember a few months ago I did a post on a completely unlined Hermes navy blue grenadine - and I am confident that this tie is every inch, if not better than that one. 

Also included in my box were some teaser swatches, to help further empty ones wallet. 

Gerald and Diana can be contacted at 

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